My IVF Journey: Preparation for retrieval

Guess what? I did it!

Nine days of stims and we are ready for our retrieval. So for those of you who do not know what the heck I’m talking about, let me explain. Stims is a process in the IVF world where you over stimulate your ovaries to create more follicles in order to produce more eggs. Get it?
Let me give you a recap of my stimming days.

First my doctor ordered my meds. Which cost us about $4,000…ouch!
Then I went in for a sonogram to make sure my uterus and ovaries were ready to go.
They gave us a some instruction sheets and a live demo on how to inject the medication.

{Day One} The needle wasn’t as big as I imagined and it didn’t hurt as bad either. My husband was responsible for the mixing of the meds and the injection. He was so nervous lol. We had to watch the video like 100 times although we had a live demonstration. I was instructed to do the Menopur in the morning and the Gonal-F at night. The night time injection was a piece of cake.

{Day Two} No symptoms or anything yet. Just still overly excited we’ve actually made it this far. The morning injection already had my tummy a little sore. I actually did my own injections today. We had to take the PM shot on the go.

{Day Three} The right side of my tummy is pretty sore now, time to switch it up. I’m starting to feel the bloat a little but not too much. I’m feeling great!

{Day Four} Sonogram today to check on ovaries and my follicles are looking great! The nurse called me a show off because of how great my body was responding to the meds. I’ve been instructed to continue all meds, decrease Gonal dosage and add a new AM shot called Cetrotide.

{Day Five} Ugh! Starting to feel heavy and uncomfortable. Belly is so sore at this point and I keep trying to find new places to stick. Decreased Gonal dosage again.

{Day Six} My follicles are really showing out! My nurse says my ovaries are definitely acting 29 and there is not doubt in her mind that we’ll get PLENTY of eggs. She also mentioned that I should consider being an egg donor. All meds stay the same.

{Day Seven} No much going on today just feeling heavier and dragging. It just hit me how IVF consumes so much of your time on top of your daily life.

{Day Eight} Now I’m known as the “show off” of the clinic, which in this case is good! Follicles are looking and measuring great! I couldn’t button my jeans today. I had to improvise with a rubber band.

{Day Nine} Nurse says that everything is looking great although I look like I’m about to burst! Well, not literally. She’s going to check with the Doc to see if we can move forward with retrieval a few days early. We forgot to do a repeat on hubby’s semen analysis but luckily we were able to use the one he did three years ago.

Later on that night, we got the ok to stop all meds and pull the trigger! The trigger shot causes the eggs to complete the maturation process.

We are now ready for retrieval!!

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